Washing Line - Function Mode for PET-Bottles

The following flow chart shows the fundamental layout of a washing line for PET-bottles . Due to have more clarity no options are presented.


Flow chart Washing Line without extras (please click to start)

Following procedures are integrated in our washing lines or can be added additionally:

  • Material feeding
  • Separation of loose contaminated material
  • Metal separation
  • manual or automatic colour and PVC sorting
  • Wet precutting
  • Friction-Intensive-washing-unit
  • Separation of dissolved contaminated material
  • Wet separation stage (density separation) and second washing stage
  • Rinsing basin
  • Mechanical drying unit
  • Hot air drying
  • Bagging 

The advantages of a SIKOPLAST washing line is especially the Turbo-Frictionwasher and the patented wet separation stage with integrated pre-flotation. Due to this we reach a purity above the average - also with highly contaminated input material, for example bottles with a high percentage of paper labels and this without any additional chemical agents.