SIKOREX Co-Extruder - Function Mode

The co-extrusion of the SIKOREX series form the basis for an economic recycling of all resulting production waste beside the PP non-woven production. They are optimized for refeeding of rolls or direct refeeding of edgetrims with max. speeds of 250 m/min or lower.

Co-Extruder standard Version (please click to start)

Beside new installations of non-woven plants also existing lines can be equipped without problems with our recycling system. The necessary modification of existing production extrusion is minimal and we would be glad to do this job locally in your factory.

If necessary the SIKOREX co-extrusion can be equipped with a screen changer for melt filtration, a polymer diverter valve for fast colour changes and/or a meltpump for metered refeeding of recycling inside the main production.