HYBRID-System for PP Non-Woven Recycling - Material Feeding

Grinder - manuel Feeding Opening

Intake Unit Grinder

The feedstock will be grinded by the granulator to flakes with a size of approx. 25 mm. The grinded material will be pneumatically fed to the following storage silo. Besides the manual feeding, the granulator is equipped with a draw-in roller for the automatic infeed of roll-waste, as well as a cyclone to feed in the edge trims comming from the winder.

The granulator could be fed with loose non woven waste, rollwaste up to master-rolls, edge trims from the winder / rewinder as well as fibre waste.

Bearings Grinder

The rotor of the granulator is equipped with bearings which are positioned outside of the granulator housing. This guarantees, that the bearings will not become dirty. Furthermore it will be avoided, that the grinded material will become dirty by the grease of the bearings. The integrated rotating pendulum provides evident reduced peaks of the electric current.

Grinder Side View

The draw-in roller will be used for the automatic infeed of roll waste. Not only rolled edge trims but also master rolls could be fed in. The intake speed of the draw-in roller is variable adjustable and could be setted according to the current requirements.

Material Feeding Grinder