HYBRID-System for PP Non-Woven Recycling - Function Mode

Due to its flexible task the hybrid system covers all requirements of a modern non-woven production concerning waste managment and recycling.


Beside rolls (incl. master rolls) you can also feed loose waste and even edgetrims, which will be directly sucked off the rewinder. Even with high speed rewinders with speeds more than 1.500 m/min direct edgetrim feedback is ensured. Thus the available winding width can be used optimally and in many cases you can increase the usable winding width. 


The material feeding into the extrusion is developed in that way that there is no contamination in the production area - this allows the use in the hygienic and medicine industry.

HYBRID System (click to start)

The granulator is ideal proves positioned in a separate room in the near of the rewinding unit. Beside a draw-in roller to feed rolls, you can manually feed loose production waste. For the direct refeeding of edgetrims the granulator is equipped with a cyclone. A silo serves as temporary storage - this allows the suck off edgedtrims in connection with rewinders working in batch process.