HYBRID-System for PP Non-Woven Recycling - Extruder Material Storage Silo

Extruder Material Storage Silo

Inside the storage bunker of the extruder, a stiring unit, with variable controllable speed, allows a constant filling of the extruder screw with the light, non-drizzling nonwoven flakes. The stiring unit is driven by a hydro-motor with defined torque. In case of exceeding the pre-ajusted torque, the stiring drives reverses to avoid blocking of the material.

Hydraulic Unit Extruder Material feeding

Hydraulic Unit Extruder Material feeding

The windows at the extruder bunker, usable for maintenance works, are protected by a limit switch, to switch off the extruder and drive for the stiring arms or to prevent a switch on of these units till the windows is open.

The filling level inside the storage bunker of the extruder will be controlled by an infrared level indicator. As soon as the material is below minimum level, material will be filled up from the storage silo automatically.

Closed System Extruder Feeding

The pneumatic feeding system of the extruder storage bunker is designed as a closed system. This guarantees that no polluted air will exhausted into the production room.  This allows the use of the HYBRID System also for hygenic and medical applications.