HYBRID-System for PP Non-Woven Recycling - Extruder

HYBRID System Extruder

The non woven flakes will be melted up inside the extruder and will be fed by means of a melting pump controlled into the production extruder. The special design of the screw, with a conical part in the intake area, makes the Sikoplast extruders especially suitable for the processing of the light nonwoven flakes. The material is recycled directly in one heating process, which allows a gentle processing of the material, resulting in a high refeeding rate without a detriment of the product quality.

Extruder Storage Silo

The recycling extruder could be equipped with a degassing zone for the processing of coated material etc.

Degassing Zone Extruder

The combined heating- and cooling zones allow an equal, controlled melting temperature and guarantee a gentle processing of the material.

Extruder Heater and Cooling Zone