Recycling Systems for PP-Non Woven

Especially for the PP Non-woven industry we offer several solutions arranged on customers applications to recycle production waste. Due to the advantages inline systems - no pelletizing - the melt will be refeed direct back into the main production extrusion - became generally accepted. The advantages of the inline systems in relation to classical pelletizing systems are essentially as follows:

  • approx. 60% less energy consumption
  • reduced material degradation = higher material quality = higher refeeding rates without quality losses in the main production
  • Recyclingprocess integrated in the production process, no additional handling costs
  • no pelletizing and thus no humidity contamination of production
  • Depending on the system, automatic inline edgetrim refeeding direct from the rewinder with speeds of 1.500 m/min and higher
  • Personnel saving


You can select between our SIKOREX Co-Extrusion series for roles and edgetrims, as well as Hybrid systems for refeeding of all resulting production waste.