UWG Underwater Pelletizing System - Details

Beside the large processing window, the UWG is characterised by small space requirement and user friendly operation. In particular with higher throughput the UWG is clear in advantage opposite to strand- or waterring pelletizing systems.

Beside PE, PP, ABS, PS also PA, PET, TPU etc. can be granulated. In addition comes the processing of viscosity ranges, which are not processable on classical systems. A special application for example PP melt blown material with a MFI of 1.100 (g/10 min, 230°C) is pelletized successfully on our UWG series. 

The UWG can be attached problem-free to almost all commercial extrusions and/or their screen changer and metering pumps. Depending on the material the system will be extended with an optional polymer diverter valve, to ensure a problem-free start up of the line.

UWG Pelletizer in Production