UWG Underwater Pelletizing System - Advantages

The underwater pelletizer UWG is based on a compact design. All necessary units like: pelletizer head, spin dryer,water tank, heat exchanger and control cabinet are mounted on one base frame.

Our UWG underwater pelletizer has the following advantages:

  • suitable for nearly all polymers like f.e. PE, PP, PA, PET, TPU, PS, ABS, ...
  • small space requirement - especially at high througputs
  • First Class Pellet Quality – uniform pellets
  • rheologic designed Flow Channels
  • Adjustable knife pressure – adjustable during operation
  • Sound insulated spin dryer – dry pellets
  • Compact design – water tank integrated into frame
  • Easy access to all units – designed for easy maintenance
  • Integrated heat exchanger