Pelletizing Systems for thermoplastic Plastics - Function Mode

The following flow chart shows the fundamental function mode of a PE/PP pelletizing line for films, small bands and non woven etc.

Animation Pelletizing Line (please click to start)

Our recycling systems have a modular design and will be arranged according to the necessary applications. The systems will be fed with pre-cut material. The pre-cutting is usually done in a granulator. The granulators can be positioned separately from the line and allow in this way a flexible layout and positioning of the line equipment. The pre-cut material (normally grain size approx. 15 to 20 mm) will be transported via suction fan into the extruder silo.  An integrated Agitatorsystem inside the silo guarantees a stable and continuous feeding depending on the customer application. In difference and in comparison to other recycling lines, in our case the material will be feed inside the line in ambient temperature and will not be pre-compacted in a thermal process. The necessary pre-compacting is done with our special screw design. Due to this fact there is no thermal load = no degradation before the extrusion. Additionally this concept allows a purposeful and metered addition of additives and other flotable materials.


SIKOPLAST pelletizing systems essentially offer the following advantages:

  • Flexible line layouts - material feeding can be separated from the extrusion
  • "cold" material feeding without pre-compacting - no thermal load = no degradation of the material 
  • Additional dosing opening for metered addition of additives etc.
  • Screw design adapted on the required application - carefully melting of the material