Pelletizing Systems for thermoplastic Plastics - Extruder Material Silo

Extruder Material Storage Silo

Inside the storage bunker of the extruder, an agitator unit, with variable controllable speed, allows a constant filling of the extruder screw with the light, non-drizzling material flakes. The agitator unit is driven by a hydro-motor with defined torque. In case of exceeding the pre-set torque, the agitator drive reverses automatically to avoid blocking of the material.

Hydraulic Unit Extruder Material feeding
Hydraulic Unit Extruder Material feeding

The feedstock is compressed inside the extruder by the screw. Due to our special screw design we do not require pre-compressed material. This avoids material damages by shear stress or oxidation as produced by cutting densifier units or agglomerators.

Material feeding into Extruder Screw